Eldon UMC Service 1-17-20


  1. Eldon United Methodist Church says:

    Good Morning! We will start at 10:00. Please comment to let us know that you are here and please share any Joys or Concerns you may have.

  2. Amy Harrell says:

    Good morning! James and I are here.

  3. Melissa Mihalj says:

    Good morning – 4 Mihalj’s

  4. Rebecca Wrede Malott says:

    Good Morning. I’m here.

  5. Amy Harrell says:

    Joy! WE had a successful Baby Grace this past Wed. We handed out 60 packages and will be expecting more in Feb and March. We We are stocked up and ready for Feb and Prepping Easter books for March! In the newsletter we are asking if anyone wants to help out Kathy White with food. Thank you for your continued support

  6. Eldon United Methodist Church says:

    4 Dierking’s

  7. Cheryl L. Green says:

    I am here.

  8. Amy Harrell says:

    But Anita Svoboda is improving!

  9. Tara Jenkins says:

    Jenkins family is here

  10. Thelma Kelley says:

    Thelma Kelley here

  11. Sally Dorrell says:

    Beautiful music

  12. Clarence Morgan says:

    Spot on with your serman today. Thank you.