Eldon UMC Service 11-22-20


  1. Eldon United Methodist Church says:

    We are going Live a little early so forgive the setup and silence over the next couple of minutes. Please comment that you are online so that we can know that you are here. If you have Praises or Concerns please put them in the comments. Welcome

  2. James Hodshon says:

    Good morning, watching from home this morning, in need of prayer, thanks

  3. Amy Harrell says:

    James, Amy and Lucas are here

  4. Mark Richard says:

    Richard family are watching

  5. Tara Jenkins says:

    Good morning!! Jenkins family is here!

  6. Rebecca Wrede Malott says:

    Good morning, I’m here

  7. Kyle Grimes-Henley says:

    Good morning, I am here

  8. Laura Dierking says:

    Good morning. Dierking x4

  9. Thelma Kelley says:

    Thelma Kelley here

  10. Kent Olinger says:

    Kent & Jul are here

  11. Melissa Mihalj says:

    Mihalj party of four only

  12. Carol Edgington says:

    Carol Edgington & Layne are here

  13. Brenda Kay Caine says:

    Sound is great this week

  14. Sally Dorrell says:

    I am here. Prayers for our minister and the congregation

    • Denise Taylor says:

      So glad John is home!

      • Sally Dorrell says:

        Thanks. He seems to be doing much better and we are do thankful.

  15. Rebecca Combs Poertner says:

    Becky Poertner- I’m here

  16. Sally Dorrell says:

    Sorry, I did not aim to do an angry emoji. I was supposed to do a

  17. Amy Harrell says:

    Thank you Stephanie for Singing!

    • Brenda Kay Caine says:

      Amy Harrell it was beautiful

  18. JohnCindy Cronenberg says:

    Cronenberg’s are watching now.

  19. Chris Sterman says:

    okay it is late at night, but I am here too.

  20. Carole Lee Marriott says:

    I’m watching!!!

  21. Carole Lee Marriott says:

    What a cute acolyte!!!

  22. Deanna M Kolb says:

    I’m watching!!

  23. Deanna M Kolb says:

    Please pray for my family