Eldon UMC Service 12-27-20


  1. Cheryl Prenger-White says:

    Good Beautiful Sunday morning!! Sean and Cheryl are watching

  2. Joanne Sterman says:

    Joanne and David Sterman are here.

  3. Eldon United Methodist Church says:

    Good Morning and Welcome to Sunday Service. We will begin at 10:00. If you have Joys or Concerns please leave them in a comment for the Church to pray for this week. Also please comment to let us know that you are watching.

  4. Sally Dorrell says:

    I am watching. Merry Christmas to all.

  5. Kent Olinger says:

    The Olinger’s will be watching

  6. Paula Kliethermes Richard says:

    The Richard family x 6 are watching.

  7. Sally Dorrell says:

    Please pray for Grayson who is 18 months old and in the hospital. He had Covid and was almost ready to come home and they gave him a flu shot and he has had a bad reaction to it.

  8. Eldon United Methodist Church says:

    Good morning everyone. This is Rev. Joan and I just want to tell you it is a joy to be in worship with you this morning.

  9. Eldon United Methodist Church says:

    Eldon UMC is blessed with talented and bright youth and children. They have been active in worship this season through videos and liturgy, all their own work. Wonderful job, young people!

  10. Brenda Kay Caine says:

    Nice job Chase & Lily

  11. Eldon United Methodist Church says:

    Please stay connected the end of the service so you can hear some special music and hopefully smile.

  12. Laura Dierking says:

    Love the music.

  13. Melissa Mihalj says:

    Mihalj’s x 4

  14. Lorraine Dowler says:

    the Dowler two are here.

  15. Kent Olinger says:

    Please prayer for the Redding family . Kathy ,Kent’s cousin passed away Chrristmas day. Please pray for Severn Esp family. Mother passed away also on Christmas day. Thank you. Julia & Kent

  16. Laura Dierking says:

    Dierking x4 watched.

  17. Lee Acoms says:

    Debra here…I have watched several Sundays through Advent with you & the Christmas Eve Service….always enjoy music & messages…thanks for ongoing prayers….so cute the parody of the Beatles at the end ! As a Beatles fan I will borrow their song title & say:
    “”PS, I Love you” neighbors. You are good company. Have a Joyful week & you are all in my prayers.

  18. Tom Dianne Higgins says:

    Tom & Dianne Higgins watching.