Eldon UMC Service 2-28-21


  1. Eldon United Methodist Church says:

    Good Morning. We will begin at 10:00. Please leave a comment to let us know that you are here and let us know if you have any Joys or Concerns.

  2. Thelma Kelley says:

    Good morning. I’m watching.

  3. Cheryl L. Green says:

    Good Morning I am here.

  4. Paula Kliethermes Richard says:

    Richard family x 4 are watching

  5. Sally Dorrell says:

    we’re listening. Good Morning

  6. Rebecca Combs Poertner says:

    Good morning!!!

  7. Laura Dierking says:

    Dierkings x 4

  8. Carole Lee Marriott says:

    My scan was clear!! Thanks for prayers!!

  9. Brenda Kay Caine says:


  10. Carole Lee Marriott says:

    Loved this sermon!!