Eldon UMC Service 3-14-21


  1. Eldon United Methodist Church says:

    Good Morning and Welcome. Please leave a comment to let us know you are online. If you have Joys or Concerns please leave them in your comment.

  2. Melissa Mihalj says:

    Good morning! 5 Mihalj’s and Gary Collison

  3. Melissa Mihalj says:

    Joys – the confirmation kids had a wonderful retreat this weekend! Thanks to all who supported them.

  4. Amy Harrell says:

    Amy Harrell here

  5. Cheryl L. Green says:

    Good Morning I am watching

  6. Camillia Naught says:

    4 Naught’s watching

  7. Erin Svoboda says:

    Good morning all! Joy: We provided diapers to over 65 children at our March Baby Grace diaper distribution! Special thanks to Kathi White and her crew for providing a great meal for these families

  8. Paula Kliethermes Richard says:

    Richard family is watching!

  9. Kyle Grimes-Henley says:

    Good morning! A joy I have is that Lily had a great time with the confirmands on their retreat. So thankful for all that made that happen

  10. Rebecca Combs Poertner says:

    Good mornin all! Braden had a good time at the confirmation retreat . Thank you to Tom for getting him to Columbia, thank you to the Naught’s for getting him home. Thank you to all who took part!

  11. Sally Dorrell says:

    Good Morning. We are listening

  12. Steve Naught says:

    Good job Julia. Thank you!

  13. Paula Kliethermes Richard says:

    Good sermon Julia!

  14. Thelma Kelley says:

    Good Morning everyone. Glad to be here.